Looking for a way to control your home without any wiring? Try the HomePro RF system from ACT, featuring "Z-Wave" technology! Z-Wave technology is a radio frequency-based system for communicating between controllers and devices that creates a network between all the Z-Wave devices in your home. When you plug a device in, it communicates with the other devices, letting each know it is these. As each new Z-wave device is plugged in, it communicates with all the other devices, creating a "mesh", where each device knows who it can talk to. By doing so the furthest devices can talk to each other, by messages relayed through devices in between them! This plug-in module lets you control appliance and fluorescent loads easily from the remote controller. Turn on loads in any room with a touch of a button! The module plugs directly into a wall receptacle and controls On/Off of one or more loads via the remote control. The automatic repeater function of commands between HomePro plug-in modules ensures full home coverage.

  • Available as a dimmer or switch (Appliance)
  • Full Beam Command Support
  • Pass through electrical socket
  • Screw port to hold the module in place
  • Manual activation button.
  • 600W Incandescent
  • 1/2 HP Motor
  • 15A Resistive
  • Plug-in Lamp Module, 300W, dimmable
  • Plug-in Appliance Module, 15A, relay
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