The 2GIG-GCKIT311 includes:
  • (1) Control Panel - 2GIGCNTRL2
  • (1) Passive Infrared Motion Detector - 2GIG-PIR1
  • (1) 4-Button Key Ring Remote - 2GIG-KEY2
  • (3) Door/Window Contacts - 2GIG-DW10

The 2GIG-GCKIT311 is an all-in-one home security system that is as reliable as it is inexpensive, with an entirely WIRELESS interface that makes installation a breeze and eliminates the risk of faulty wiring. Featuring a user-friendly color-touch screen control panel, 3 door/window contacts, 1 powerful PIR motion detector, and a convenient portable keyfob, you'll be able to leave your home knowing it is safe and protected.

The system comes with a user-friendly 2GIG-CNTRL2 color touch-screen control panel capable of WIRELESSLY controlling all components in your system, and which can also be configured to control additional lighting (Evolve Switches), HVAC, and other Z-Wave appliances, such as the Kwikset Locks that you might want to add to your system. What makes the control panel truly sophisticated, however, are its web/smartphone enabled interface, HSPA/LTE radio communication, and two-way voice features.

Web & Smartphone Controlled

With the 2GIG-CNTRL2 Control Panel you'll be able to use any internet-ready web browser or smartphone (iPhone, Blackberry, etc) to access your 2GIG-GCKIT311 security system from anywhere in the world, at anytime of day. So whether you'd like to arm, disarm, check the status, or control any of the kit's included or additional components, you can do so without needing to rush home, or worrying that your system is working properly.

HSPA/CDMA Radio & Two-Way Voice

Additionally, the risk of cut phone lines becomes a thing of the past with the system's HSPA/LTE radio communication technology. No longer needing a residential phone line at all, this feature ensures that all communication to-&-from the system occurs wirelessly via cellular signals using an AT&T or Verizon (Additional).* T-Mobile Module No Longer Available. And if that weren't convenient enough, Go!Control allows the central station to listen in and talk to the homeowner when a signal is received from the control panel itself, so you'll never have to worry about communication signals being lost. (Monthly Service not included).

Control Panel Features
  • Color touch screen display
  • 48 Wireless zone: 2 hardwire zones
  • Fully self-contained
  • Optional HSPA/LTE radio module
  • Remotely control panel settings over POTS or cellular
  • Two-way voice over POTS or cellular
  • Over-the-air update functionality (w/HSPA/LTE radio)
  • Built-in Z-Wave home control (up to 232 Z-Wave units)
  • Weather information Display (w/HSPA/LTE radio)
  • 24-hour backup battery
  • 8 user codes
  • Quick arm/exit
  • CSFM Listed
(1) Passive Infrared Motion Detector - 2GIG-PIR1
This passive infrared motion detector is a wall-mounted unit with wide angle motion protection. When set to High Sensitivity Mode, the PIR has a maximum range of 30 ft. deep X 50 ft. wide. The PIR is pet immune up to 55 lbs.
  • Dual element sensor with 30 ft. by 50 ft. range
  • 33 or 55 lb. pet immune
  • 90-degree look down
  • Lithium battery with 5 years life
  • 110deg. spread
  • 3 different mounting brackets
  • Tamper protected
  • Fully supervised
(1) 4-Button Key Ring Remote - 2GIG-KEY2
This keyfob enables you to turn the 2gig Alarm System on and off before entering the home or after exiting. If there is an emergency, you can turn on the siren and automatic ally call the central monitoring station. If lamp modules have been installed, you can use the keyfob to turn all system-controlled lights on or off. Additionally, you can have garage door control with the 2GIG-GDR1 interface.The keyfob is a lithium coin battery-powered, wireless keyfob designed to fit on a keychain, in a pocket, or in a purse.
  • Arms system in STAY or AWAY mode
  • Disarms system
  • Auxiliary output and emergency functions
  • Auxiliary output and emergency functions
  • Garage door control with GDR1 interface
  • Lithium coin battery with 5 years life
(3) Door/Window Contacts - 2GIG-DW10
This contact can be installed on doors, windows and many other objects that open and close. The sensor transmits signals to the control panel when a magnet mounted near the sensor is moved away from or closer to the sensor. The sensor has an external input that accepts N/C dry contact devices. The sensor is also equipped with cover tamper for additional security.
  • Compact size, only 2 ½ in. long
  • Fully supervised
  • Lithium battery with 5 years life
  • Reed sensitivity: 0.625 in. (1.59 cm) minimum gap, 0.85 in. (2.16 cm) typical
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